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lirik lagu horror vaccui – raygun


[verse 1: raygun]

flow with the weirdness of cathedrals
see me with my people
make you scratch an itch and bleed and never change the needle
cus’ when you spin this record man its d-mn sure to wreck ya
correct the situation with a heartfelt letter
let’em know who you are
man f-ck that sh-t
i creep around in the dark
you already know who i is
and if you don’t i stay falling prey to karma
determination of a suicide bomber
place a comma after everything i say
cus’ i never shut my mouth, always trynna get my way
like violet beaurgarde, no regard for
anybody for more than four or five seconds until i want more
but life’s so hard
shut the f-ck up r-t-rd, i’m not built
for dealing with these weak hearts

[verse 2: tommy bahama]

you know i’m bound to end my life ’bout as soon as the week starts
so f-ck your pity party
pick it apart and paste it back redefined
refine my mind with remedial cl-sses
and issue a trigger warning before i’m stomping their gl-sses
but i got a better sense of my bitter sins
since i’ve been
bending over backwards defending against these minor threats
intimate friends inching towards inanimate ends
kick the ladder out from under cus’ the former is dead
i can’t expect you to understand cus’ you’re a stand-in for the opposite
copping rocks and diamond deposits just for a topic, your vox weak
the black box tweaked, emits positions
remind you f-ckers that the myth of me is more than superst-tion
this a war of attrition
f-ck your starving artist commission
cus’ i can start and finish it in less than a minute
and b-tch i’m mean, i mean it
it seems these chavs need it
i’ll polish your dash to mock a pollock exhibit
selling tickets to these sticky fingers
figure they’ll scalp’em for figures
high as the scriptures on your scalp alone could signal
and i’m out