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lirik lagu our world, our war, our responibillities – razrmusic & eldoubleuu


it really seems like everyday i gotta wake up to see bad news
like are really falling apart or is this what people have to domom p
i’m just saying to myself is this sh*t just gonna end soon
but i guess not but that doesn’t mean there’s no way t mom in pp
prevent this sh*ti
we’re ending it
please understand and get it and
work this sh*t out like we’re optimists instead of pessimists
because all of sh*ts happening in present tense
but it’s bigger than we are so be careful who you messing with
why the f*ck invade there ain’t purpose to this worthless sh*t
saying that sh*t yours but it’s past and that’s what i’m burning it
is like this sh*ts occurring
in a time reality blurring
and these curses don’t feel real and that’s concerning b*tch
see the lines
and redefine
the need of life
shelter food and money ain’t it funny how your needing mine
maybe you need some time
to think of some more deeds in mind
just wake up and forget that sh*t and move on with some brief ass time
f*ck the media y’all just make it worse
i’m not preaching i’m just stating facts to reassure
that you f*ckers just want reactions and your bullsh*t heard
y’all are so full of sh*t and you’re all so absurd
y’all are just a bunch of nerds
make sh*t bad people first
f*ck y’all sh*t i’m f*cking done now look what y’all have f*cking learned
basically all i’m saying is we gotta change
and we need to be awake
to move forward in the correct way
this is our world so let’s treat it right
this is our war why do y’all just need to fight
this is our responsibility to keep it right
so for now on we can expire fr day and see the night