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lirik lagu pink guitar – reba mcentire


she saw it in the window, just a callin’ out her name.
she mowed the gr-ss, took out the trash and saved, saved, saved.
she bought it on a monday, had a gig on friday night.
in the garage, in front of her mom, she came alive!

she likes to play, she loves to rock.
yeah, she’s closer to the bottom but she’s headed for the top.
she’s got a dream to be a star dressed in black like johnny cash, with a pink guitar.

no, she didn’t go to college, she just up and hit the road.
where ever they were jamming she would go go go.
and every single hole in the wall from here to shreveport,
she’d have them in the palm of her hands, screamin’ for more!


some day you’re gonna see her up there on the opry stage.
and soon you’ll see her hanging there, next to dolly’s face, in the country music hall of fame.

she likes to play, she loves to rock!
she’s got a dream to be a star.


i said a pink guitar.
oh she’s playin’ a pink guitar.

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