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lirik lagu villain supposedly – rebel kid shini


everybodys diskonnekted, harboring hatred
most of it is misdirekted, i expekted
a different future bakk when i was younger..
bakk when summer really felt like summer
now im number to the worlds wonders
kus im tainted surrounded by hatred
komplikated life got komplikated
and my innocence.. is no longer there
and my ignorance.. it is also gone
so now emptiness, a hole in my chest
a hopеlessness, and a need for rest
that ill nеver get.. no such thing as death..
and i kant forget
all the beauty ive seen
but the same goes
for.. all the horror scenes all the war machines
growin up finding out it is what it seems..
all our parents.. pretended it was okay
tried to teach their own children to obey
i’m a rebel you kould never teach me that
i will flip the tables
evil will know my wrath
evil will know my wrath
evil will know my wrath

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