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judgement day - recessive traits lyrics


[verse 1]
white house leans into the hill
red sky, green sunset clash
in the shade, them proud man boasted
dem mighty mighty big man
in the shade, they planned their deed
getting high on altered weed
they got the weapon and the motive in their pocket
they give new meaning to the term steady rockin’
innocent man, dependent family
he gave his life into his music
cain slew abel and god gave his only son
turned out to be his judgement day

take what you want
come on and take what you need

[verse 2]
these streets made the music
these hands felt the time
these eyes saw the sadness
these hearts feel the same
six string guns defending others’ right
the have*nots want their share
there’s no static between the songs here
death is not something they fear
take what you want
come on and take what you need

memories will live always in the hearts of man
fighting like this only plays into their hands
bodies falling to the sound of an automatic
fear is an emotion that is also democratic
confusion on the faces of the k!llers as the bodies cool
going down like this was really not the plan
the plans up into the hills, they tried to run away
dogs and men will hunt them, this will be their judgement day

so take what you want
come on and take what you need

judgement day
judgement day
judgement day
judgement day
judgement day
judgement day

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