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before - redemption draweth nigh lyrics


[verse 1]
the firing line, are they blind?
the bullets hailed behind
nothing now to stop the wake of this machine
was this a mistake?
they cried as they wait
no one could see through smoke*spattered haze
“to thee i despise, our love was a lie”
the violent voice then spake

time marched on until the break of dawn
the light shone on, unclouded free of bond

[verse 2]
they built their war like before
but, tides would turn oncе more
they could not see the еrrors that they had made
the endless mistake, they miscalculate
a fatal flaw from a brilliant estate
the whole world groaned, in dark it was thrown
in this, there would be no escape

the world will quake as the last day breaks
in his hand, is this the end of man?
i run to thee as world crumbles into sea
the time’s at hand: the last days of this land

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