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broken stars and frowns - redemption draweth nigh lyrics


[verse 1]
broken stars and frowns
oh, hear the sounds
broken gods and crowns
their wish abounds
death is in the house
upon the altar
lay down with the lambs
unto the slaughter
broken stars and frowns
shadows dance through town
and not an eye to see

[verse 2]
not an eye to see
no, not for me
not an eye to see
blind in dreams
not an ear to hear
could they listen
would they even care
if they could see it
there’s not an eye to see
do shadows weep for thee?
as i hear the bells, as they ring
it’s always the same (it’s always the samе)
no matter which path i take (which path i take)
all roads lеad me here (they lead me here)
to the valley (of fear)
standing in the torrent of gray
i am the remnant of wall
i’ll not back away
and nothing can make me fall

[verse 3]
do you hear yourself?
your foaming mouths
gasping for the sign
on the way down
libertines and thieves
you cut your feet
spitting out the seeds
upon the streets
so blessed to be so small
into their mouths it falls
they catch it on their tongues

[verse 4]
bleeding hearts and smiles
you crocodiles
feral in the heart
a thousand miles
stared into the sun
the burning sea
they built this house for you
the chosen one
burn it to the ground
for here no place was found
the tears will salt the earth

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