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the child, the man - redemption draweth nigh lyrics


[verse 1: adam snyder]
a child i was when i was young
i had someone to hold my hand
then, one day, i put my toys away
stood up and became a man
took up my cross, and my burden
shod my feet and i went
walked the path, kept moving forward
i knew my task was heaven sent

[chorus: adam snyder]
standing at the threshold
sword in my hand
take a breath and bravely go
a child no more, i am a man

[verse 2: adam snyder]
heavy cross, burden to bear
hidden pain down deep inside
summon strength in my despair
i’m not weak, i will not hide

[bridge: adam snyder]
going toward the day of reckoning
i know i will surely die
but as i a man i keep going
unlike a child i will not hide
[verse 3: adam snyder & colbee snyder]
stand up tall and face your burden
if you believe you will bе tried
put away your wicked playthings
get on your horsе, go forth, and ride

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