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lirik lagu rock da spot – redman


(w.. f.. d.. s..) aiyyo, aiyyo check this out man
hah, aiyyo hah-hah
aiyyo aiyyo, hah-hah
nahnah, aiyyo, aiyyo
i’m the bomb, ringin off all types alarms
my palms, be swift with the pen like lynn swann’s
aggravated -ssault, against an mc
beat him down with the mic and all types of pedigrees
it’s mad real in da bricks, plus i roll thick
you can quote this, i’m the moby d-ck of dopeness
b-tch, walk the walk if you talk the talk
i dk new jerz, and dk-new york
i don’t push a lot of vehicles, but i push a used one
with a tape deck, if it’s feasible
tell the truth, i don’t own a lex coupe
but i get you souped when i rock respect due
i’sa nice n-gg- that wanna get diced
slice the mic device like the body of christ twice
e double if you feel me hit me once
(a breaker one, a breaker two)
cause trouble to you family and friends
let me cut the bullsh-t, just hand me yo ends
got caught out there cause you a mack without 10
punch you in your chin
the rucker, bringer, live from h-ll, but stay
cooler than a double l
turn a felony to a misdemeanor
now the court subpeonaed me to get my act cleaner
f-ck that, still walk out holdin my strap
blunt, grabbin my weiner

now first of all i go for broke
check the third quarter note, i make you feel like your water broke
can’t tell whether male or female
i f-cked up your frame well, the monogram can’t tell
all aboard my b-lls, cause my d-ck don’t got a lot of room
for the rest of y’all
grab on my pubics, let my music take flight
rock indo and out-do, d-ck run in and out yo’
b-tch, about nine inch up the cl-t
can you feel me comin, yeah i usually make em sh-t
i shines mc’s up for auction
so i can sell em on sat-rday, keith put the bat away
let’s lay in the cut, so we can break his whole anatomy down
and turn into an -ss-kicking holiday
word, i rolls with the funklord
with more flavors than them motherf-ckers on
them benetton billboards
he’s bleeding get the gauze
he shoulda knew def squad crew is who i kill for
push the clip in, slide the top back
make sure it’s off safety, in case he wanna counteract
sh-t like that get me vexed
so i crack your -ss like corn while your b-tch crack my beck’s

one deuce! one deuce
aiyyo, catch this picture, of me in the mixture
so you won’t forget the, black jack the ripper
sorceror offin y’all with techniques
a universal lingo, with the odd speaks
control more blacks than harlem week, freak
smokin that leak at full peak
peace to greg street, and underground radio technique
college radio, no i mack sh-t like maceo
yeah, the east coast west coast d-ck giver
i oughta be an alkie, the way i hit liver
deliver, the milk to your door, real raw
sh-t you never seen before
so when you come inside, and do the front
watch the double-pump shotgun and please don’t run
relax your minds, let your concious be free
and get money, and g’s and roll these trees

this is dj saywhat?? on this motherf-cker.
comin to you live from wfds radio from da brick city.
[continued on “welcome (interlude)”]