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lirik lagu 32 bars of poison – reece loc


(intro, sampled from speech by unknown female:)

today i’m going to talk to you about poisoning. how to prevent it and what to do if someone accidentally ingests or is affected by a poison of some sort
so poison is defined as a substance, a solid, liquid or a gas, which can cause damage if it enters the body in sufficient quant-ties. it can be swallowed, it can be breathed in, it can be absorbed through the skin or it can be injected
the most important thing is to be cautious. so even if the person that has taken the poison appears ok, do get them seen quickly
it can cause just a local reaction or it can cause a system all-over reaction

(reece loc:)

yeah, uh, i gave you body of work
tryin’ to digest the pain how embody the hurt
through your ears to the brain, just a regional method
i been induced to the trauma, prolly ghetto selected
havin’ cold nights sleepin’, you can blame the grim reaper
let me get affliction out my chest so i can talk to the people
it’s hard bearin’ all these thoughts, got me raisin’ the meter
poison out my mouth of madness to the left and right speakers
i’m just domineerin’ suckas, make ’em stand in a row
i swear to god it’s no forgiveness if i’m stuck in a vault
i’m tryin’ to transform life, make me build this progression
i know the stress take a toll, now this human infected
how i receive all these blessings when we’re growin’ apart
it’s just so calmin’ for my nerves, make it flow to the heart
talkin’ to this mic, therapy, you feelin’ the spark?
how i arose from the light, ’cause i was stuck in the dark
i’m feelin’ all this disappointment, now i’m learnin’ the patience
got my thoughts shackled down, in the bottom of bas-m-nts
bringin’ p-ssion to the music, it’s been lost through the years
i tell you open up my scars if you poke in my tears
i’m releasin’ all my karma, now i’m sheddin’ my skin
cause all the past really did was put these veins in my kids
no, my father wasn’t there, but will it trickle to me?
showin’ love to my seeds ’cause that’s bein’ a g
i felt abandoned as a youngin, streets took the embrace
mama cookin’ crack in kitchens, made me feel it was safe
took a look at my surroundings, g-ngb-ngin’ galore
cause all the funerals i seen, we just prayed to the lord
got me hustlin’ forever, we ain’t got the same vision
so what i’m seein’ in my future is just money and livin’
do i recover from the past? these words open a portal
i know my music live forever so that makes me immortal
reece loc
gimme the glory
or k!ll me
feel it?
it’s gangsta
look what the streets bred
west fresno sixteen hundred
and i’m out
swallow my own poison

(young blacc made this beat)