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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freestyle) – reed dollaz


“and squeeze the juice out this n-gga”
real quick, real quick
squad on some k!ll sh-t
motherf-cking general
b-tch -ss n-gga

ay why the f-ck you got my name in your mouth? we giving headshots
lead pop, all you see is skull through the dreadlocks
he f-ck with [?] so he think that i’m slipping
i know some real 60’s in cali don’t think that he cripping
this is realidel, play your position, we raised jersey n-ggas
f-ck is you high? too big for your britches
a ton of goons, too big for your bridges, we’ll reach capacity
he got the audacity to disrespect c-ssidy
or e ness [?] cause we best
ars gets closer to heaven n-gga with each step
false flagging, lost f-ggot, aw dammit
autopsies, all they found was all maggots
that’s what you get for playing
they will find you out in [?] creek, rigamortis decaying
a whole bunch of screaming but what the f-ck is he saying?
he just yelling all over these records like don cannon (cannon)
talking stupid like philly n-ggas ain’t with it
’til we burn the crib down with the baby crib still in it
don’t think n-ggas forgot you a b-tch, you still timid
how you pushed your n-ggas in to the front like real women
f-cking coward, you ran in the d
now you bumped your head, tripped, fell, and ran into me
the hardest part of jersey is camden to me
you a ho, the c can’t stand with a g
don’t step foot in philly, don’t put your neck in
cause n-gga you get checked out cause you ain’t want to check in
cause we done put the word out, and you don’t put no rec in
keep the mask like i’m vega, just know i got the tec in
k!lladel, check the murder rate
i shoot your [?] to the pope like we ain’t heard of great
you little monkeys is funny like you ain’t heard of apes
ride hard on these p-ssies like we ain’t heard of brakes

and that’s light
i don’t feel like you deserve 100 bars n-gga
seriously you n-ggas love our style
matter of fact, we ain’t gon’ make it a philly/jersey thing
nah, we ain’t gon’ do that cause i got love for jersey
shoutout to all real n-ggas
campton stand up, trenton stand up
f-ck out of here little n-gga
real quick