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lirik lagu 3/4 love – reef boii


3/4 love
this that 3/4 love

[verse 1]
(ooh holdup) – 3/4 love. drops me to my knees
ain’t know i could feel this weak
(ooh holdup) – 3/4 love. makes my heart go beat
makes me wanna stomp my feet
(ooh holdup) – 3/4 love. no drug can compete
like i’m high straight for a week
(ooh yah) – 3/4 love. you know i got 3
you just the one need to complete

[verse 2]
(1) you shine bright like sun
i’d go search solar system
for somebody just like you

(2)you know what it do
keep it funky like the groove
just tryna get you to see that

(3) you belong with me
let’s make this reality
it won’t just go be my dream and

(4) to love you forever more

3/4 love
this that 3/4 love