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lirik lagu 4pm in brooklyn – reign


[verse 1: reign]

percocet sessions
how long before i don’t feel feelings?
or till i’m able to feel ceilings
i’m always holding cr-p, but spadez feel like i ain’t get any real dealings
tryna drown out all my problems and yet i’m still swimming
thought i shaved stress off, and yet i’m still tr-mm-ng
blew a couple victories, they think i’m still winning
debris is real blinding, hit me it’s real chilling
sick to my stomach and still illin’

i try not to complain so much
life getting heavy, i’m trying not to strain so much
or feel the pain so much
been wishing that n-gg-s ain’t think it’s a game so much
all b-tches here, it’s double what i tame so much

they show a lack of respect and it’s a shame so much
if they ain’t cross here, i wouldn’t have to aim so much
but i’m still beaming, putting hands together i’m still scheming
that’ll keep n-gg-s in a net, i’m still streaming

that’s optimum, i’m optimus, so optimistic
could never decept a con, i see the opportunist
i’m not the brightest, i’m not the cutest, i’m not the newest
still appealing to the naked eye and i know you nudist

still truest, hit the scene like “new mood, who this?”
they bringing war to a star, i just sp-ce em like lucas
no snitching, the p-ssy talking, keep it a frank
had to get it off my chest like mucus, uh!

i was trying so hard not to lose it, uh!
even considered lucifer
i wasn’t lucid, dumb
i’m so stupid to ‘em
i was an addict, i’m still on top of roof with it

dog, i’m loose
i’m at they neck like a noose, they want a truce?
i chuck up the deuce
i just want piece of ‘em, this sh-t is easy
accused of taking advantage of women that need me
such a savage ain’t i? yea, i said it like rih rih

beard full of souls, heart full of emptiness
watching out for the ones that’s on that petty sh-t
they ain’t want to dime in when i was penniless
and now i’m ye, all the gods wanna envy
that’s power, right?
you know i go ghost to get my soul sn-tched
i could hit switch like bo jack
oh fats getting heavy with it
drive and impaler, i’m going chevy with it
gang real, you can’t cross a christian on the edge

so spare me with the “don’t not push me off the ledge”
cause you’ll shoot a nerve, and have me send a bullet through your head
look, don’t think i’m being a demon all of a sudden
if i ain’t living in sin, you know jesus died for nothing

your woman is a saint? i wouldn’t p-ss the restrictions
and she still make prey of my d-ck, my sacrilegious
still here even through the half -ss predictions
i’m grinding, they sick of the friction

stick and move, i finally picked a groove
when i couldn’t keep up, i decided to switch the shoes
if you a hooligan, you show it, or you would lose
so if n-gg-s did dirt, they would hope it would hit the news

but i’m so humble, rumble young, man rumble
favorite cousin cook keys, so nothing won’t crumble
straight up, i’m 10 toes down, they all jumbled
that’s the difference, good kings never, gonna stumble

blessings coming in like bricks, it’s all risky
the field try to get they feels, it’s all frisky
bow down, i’m buzzing
who is he?
reign real, crown royal
my wiz key

low key, but i’m hearing the streets notice
b-tches devoted, take my d-ck and deep throat it
i’m so big, brooknam, he potent
on the scene with the holiday styles, i keep floating

found me a queen you n-gg-s could keep the escorts
i sent my old girl on a spiral, i hate ex sports
skating all over the feeling, clean stress
throw the actavis in the double, word to king x

was quiet now i’m back making mad noise
can’t stop, i’m a bad boy
how many times i told you i’m ahead of you n-gg-s?
and i will never be a regular n-gg-

set soundz, or shhhhh
and we can’t stop
can’t n-body hold me down
can’t n-body hold me down

i’m so high, no overdosing
trill n-gg-s don’t die
i hand the facts i wear bow ties as much as hoes lie
imagine that, used to shoe me away
i guess they figured i was slacking
now i’m suited for it, they all jacket
this all action

rosé for the flowers, see what i’m guarding
i came from the dirt when they started to talk out of their tulips
true sh-t, i was russian to get a shot i know i could roulette
i’m hot, but keeping it cool, sh-t

now they finito, nike chain like chico
low key like bottom locks i look a kilo
real ape, running with the hoggs for the sanity
young cain, do it for my dogs in the family

lone sharks, there’s no love, i got a stone heart
know i’m good around my city in every known part
wolf amongst sheep, i’m mozart
i would never miss the target, i be throwing them gold darts
my n-gg-, look…

4pm in brooklyn
come f-ck with me…