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lirik lagu 16 – reignn


[verse 1:]

i got a ton of things on my mind
i’m crossing my heart and i’m hoping to die
fill up the page and you know i’m gon’ rise
my heart been hurtin’
i hope you realize
i hope you know and i hope you don’t
i swear that i’ve lost hope
all my friends from my old school
where’d all of y’all go?
i know i’ve been quiet
i’m sorry for that
all of y’all asking, where i been at
i really don’t know
but how aren’t you glad?
i feel i messed up
i messed up real bad
now i’m seeing a girl and i don’t know what she thinks
my stomachs in a twirl and i see her every time i blink
honestly, this will probably go
the same way that i know
i’ll never get her and i’ll never win and i know
that’s for sho’
i don’t talk to my best friend as much as i used to do
i wish i could say it’s because of the dream i pursue
but it’s not
and i know he knows it
and i’m feeling like i’m so atrocious
he’s my drug i should take some doses
bury me with art, like it is “red roses”
i’m writing this rap and i’m feeling something
is it my heart? or is it nothing?
i don’t know, i feel combusted
all i know is that my hearts b-mping
all of you think that i can’t rhyme
can’t you see that this takes time
you try to write somethin’, i bet you couldn’t think of your first line
you haters gotta get up off me
you just jealous i know you’re salty
your girl just gave me a softy
sorry, bro, she was feeling jolly
yea, she was feeling jolly, aye

[pre hook:]

now i’m flexing and i’m taking shots at all these people
it’s because i don’t wanna think of anything sentimental
i met a friend and he’s new
his name is jayden
i really don’t think, that our friendship is mistaken
i’ve had many fake friends but i know
he’s not faking
i can tell when people are real
i see their greatness

[hook: 2x]

always down to ride
man i wanna feel your face
wanna see you but i ain’t tryna catch a case
you see me as nothing
all i gotta say is wait
i’ma be that number one
i’m gonna win the race