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lirik lagu 16 bars – reik, reason, chuck acid


[verse: reik]
it’s been so many been frontin’
claiming they turn something to nothing
claiming they god, turning water to wine
never believe them
k!ll these rapper’s, we leave them
deceased and
rip ’em
no resuscitation can ever bring em back

[verse: reason]
not living life with consequences
remember we ain’t have a pot to p-ss in
’cause we ain’t have no dishes inside the kitchen
my mother talking, wasn’t tryna’ listen
we wasn’t really poor but we lived through tough conditions

[verse: chuck acid]
i’mma make it i promise
momma you know i hate to lie
but i been making mine
a chillin’ spot on a jamaican
into different predicaments
i been acting different
thinking i should be packing smith and wessons
never learning my lessons
life’s been giving me h-ll
i pray i make it to heaven
never landing in jail
until i can post the bail myself
my health
my wealth
and my pride
i try to leave up on the shelf