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lirik lagu 1000″ – reject messiah


once again submerged in ether
inside the factory of replicas and clones
i float in a state of satisfaction
machines transform waste into creatures
they take over crooked thoughts into procedures
the stinging arrival of death
transcending the infinite abyss without breath

thousands of seconds static in nothingness
unquenchable vibration of the tone of silence

electric charges run through my spine
water in the mind
the last cycle r.e.m is the now state of mind
war and harmony
neuro*sensory alterating
body inanition in transitioning

thousands of seconds static in nothingness
unquenchable vibration of the tone of silence

earth inside my eyes
there is presence of love in this place
i contemplate my body waste
dreams turned into hatred impregnated duality
unfinished answers within reality
revelation of the true existence
blood inside my eyes irritated bodies, decompositioning
diluted in plasma
the trip ended