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lirik lagu 12. alaska – relative ways


we destroy and create different ways to relate circ-mstance to a story
does our place in the world have a purpose at all, why does death bring us glory
we write tales to say the idealistic ways to go out and live our lives
but attempts don’t align with the plans we design, so our soul is defeated

desperations the seed that we nurture and feed to outnumber our failures
while denying the role we have in our control, concieted just to endure
my own alaskan dream had been providing an answer that defined me
forstering the belief it would one day relieve this life of p-ssivity

i built walls to the sky to protect all inside, reinforced by the bias
alaska in the mind, the way that i designed, will absolve any duress
i made distance between expectation and me, replaced it with defiance
but i came to depend on the means to an ends, self-defeating prophecy

i went too far

those who succ-mb to dreams outside reality forfiet sweetness for bitter
those who don’t dream at all are soon destined to fall, question is which is better
our fallacies of love, life and how things are done, discolour our horizons
but knowing nothing is right, and our errors are the light, we start writing our own stories

what i’ve found over time, alaska’s a paradigm underlying projection
and taking darkness from life leaves no contrast for light, meanings derived from tension
owning up to your fears and insecurities frees us of our delusions
to not be compromised, and to self-actualise, alaska is the psyche

i know in time all i’ve learnt will come more easily
what i have found, alaska is me