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lirik lagu rob a bank – relax


we got this bet on, about georgey, chicken jim.
we got this bet on, if they made it through or not.

some say they on the nin and left those dollars in a
some say they died in jail with nothing but their
some say they didn’t make it and blew themselves up and
that robbery
but i know for sure they’re countin dollars, drinkin

eeh yo welcome to the story, about kentucky dried jin
and chicken georgey
they was po folks, kinda deadly broke, but they came up
with a plan at the liquor store
cuz they didn’t had a dime just to scratch their -ss so
they started robbin banks and collectin cash
no killing was involved, it was clean and fast,
kentucky jin was muzzle, chicken george had the laugh
they walked up a bank and waited in the wor, kinda
nervous, but they didn’t whos
they asked for some large -ss amounts to go, while they
were waving pistols just to set the tone, no giddy up

they robbed about 1 2 3 4 5 or 6, n-body really knows
how many they really did
they went coast to coast just to get some mo. they were
living la vida on the lo lo loca. kinda untouchablem
had nothing to loose. believed they had it all, but at
that last heist there was police involved.
tables were turned, curtains were about to fall. so
they panicked for a second and grabbed all the dough
switched to plan b and let them hostages go. it was
time to dash and to rodeo
so they flew the coop with their mustang sally
joe…gidd giddy up

still people see them walking… a mystery, in history
they both became a legend, they’re bandits on the run