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lirik lagu 0 planes – relly snow


my sister purchasing jacobs
my mother dealing with break ups
im broken down and like those b-tches with no b-tt i need my cake up
my ex recently found cookie crumbs round my mouth cause i ate em
with the resedue stuck in my t–th i lie and she turns atheist
dont believe me or believe in me im a bit impatient
so i find a b-tch who look like my shoes with lack of laces
willing and ready to prevent my distorted mind from racing
with her tongue out
love now
dont exist in conversations

cause chop cheese with faucet water is a poorly combination
i recall in 99 i got kicked out my mom and i
been homeless in front of churches not working
and communication
didn’t exist dirty public phone on a daily basis
kept us away from hunger im suprised i wasn’t naked
its why
its me and myself and i but no blunt i am facing
some faces facing a robbery and our dreams tend to hide
we pretend our dreams stole something its who these faces chasing

i -ssociate myself with them you should see their expression
they think they know me no questions asked they be hearing my sessions
pro tools a tab with p-rn food stamp forms but whats recession
i asked dev the same sh-t since bape its what we both invest in
a habit when i am stressing
when i dont swim in them leggings
peep who i am impressing
the hoes who go 5 5
stay hungry and act agressive
im agressive but only in bed showing no hoes affection

fireflies in my basket im asking god for a light
i tried to sit in a section
where the pastor scream with his might
and nothing i hear i despite the belief
you all like

pray standing up for me
its a bad religion to do otherwise