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lirik lagu name brand – remo drive


who’s got money for all my needs
who’s got pennies to help feed me
irresponsibility is dear to me
i p-ss away my money on this bourgeoisie coffee

i am a child who needs pleasing
pacifier lost my mouth i’m screaming

who’s got something really dirty
i wanna prove myself as an adult
who’s got something really nasty
yellowing my teeth but i don’t stop

i am a child who has questions
is the dark for adult interaction?
at thirteen i swore i’d stay pure and
yeah these days i wish i broke my promise

fendi fendi gucci
hemi hemi chevy
burning burning burning
burning burning burning

design all my affliction and
blame it all on the past
interests something in the air between us
keeping me here

i need this
never ending chase for freedom
from my own picture of perfect
’cause it’s not worth it
it’s not worth it, no