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lirik lagu 0-100 (freestyle) – remy boyz


[verse 1: fetty wap]
i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
fetty wap the type of n-gga you should build with
harlem n-ggas taught me how to get it real quick
n-ggas hating on wap, time to k!ll sh-t
i’m ill as sh-t, i k!lls the sh-t
wap’s a champion, i will russell bill the sh-t
i shoot and swish, he shoots and miss
in the alley oop his b-tch and hop in the coupe and switch the gears
i’m a ceo, remy boy wap
i got plenty dough, remy boy guap
i got plenty hoes, remy boy thots
17 in the remy boy glock
i’m a ceo, remy boy wap
i got penty hoes, remy boy thots
i got plenty dough, remy boy guap
17 in the remy boy glock

[verse 2: montana bucks]
they like monty, that n-gga squad riding in a car
with them hittas, they might let it off, man i swear to god
n-ggas it true, i got pistols, toting glocks, we official
holding pistols, leave you lost
man i can’t go cause that thang go hdraaaa
i got bank rolls, i got bank rolls, f-ck you thought?
that’s my new b-tch, that’s my new b-tch in my loft
and we too rich, and we too rich, f-ck the cost
and my new clips, i got new clips, get you off
then my new whip, in my new whip skurting off
b-tch i’m riding rocking robins in a porsche
see my diamonds, i be shining, i’m a boss, squad!