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lirik lagu you might be eternal – remy zero


“you might be eternal”

son, there’s a god you need to know
he’s pencil-thin and pigeon-toed
but he’s cleaned up and it’s you he aims to find
child, if you don’t mind

so where did you go wrong?
it’s written in the air
it’s written in the sun

there, see the sunlight circle ’round
stare but don’t look down
let the world move on its own and you’ll never fall
child, just stand tall

so where will you go now?
it’s written in the air
it’s written on your soul

and if you keep it near your heart
then i’ll keep it next to mine
and when the wolves all surround
i’ll keep ’em down
’cause you, my son, are fine

son, here’s a place we’ll never find
where i am yours and you are mine