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lirik lagu 16 bar challenge – ren


i was born with a dictionary stuck in my head
a walkin’, talkin’ thesaurus filling rappers with dread
but when i k!ll them they respect me, like the day of the dead
my lyrics hit them so hard
it makes the corpses erect

the terminator, schwarzenegger, hot potato, gladiator
room*shaker, tomb rider, darth vader with the saber f*ckin’ pagans
i spray them with rayguns that resign like reagan
i’m ronald mcdonald, the big mac with bacon

blatant, i’m k!lling the scene
rhyme schemes far catchier than covid*19
i stay topical, yet old school when spitting on beat
so i hit like tyson fury but i move like ali

i’m the greatest
who’s the greatest?
so elevate me on your playlist, like escalators
a sick puppy, i’m a s*d*st
a 50 shadies, like slim shady had a baby with curtis jackson
and named it fifty*shades, get it?

my flow is diabetic, so sugar don’t forget it
i am the surgeon medic, no need for anesthetic
i’ll be the alphabetic cyborg, i’m cybernetic
i’ll make it so poetic just so you don’t forget it
and you don’t really wanna f*ck with me
i grab a rapper by his nuts and squeeze
oh renny boy you’re such a f*ckin’ tease