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lirik lagu 01. – rene aguilar-weber



this will be the best one, i promise

[verse 1]

can you see?
’cause clare is an imitation of everything that i believe
make it soon, make it ready
any pressures all so heavy
i’ve got l-st, and i’ve got envy
not enough to satisfy. well that’s enough about myself
call it quits and call it wealth
social issues. oh we miss you?
do you bite?
do you clean?
well i know words, how to speak
i take years as i’m ready, hold my hand and hold me steady
fight my age and fight my growing will to often have a value of your makings
figure me
i’m doing great, in-between

[verse 2]

born soon
so stuck inside the womb of the mothers…
oh, rene takes after, oh, rene takes after…
all my fathers
look at how you love it, don’t you bother
make a mess and make me question
any lesson that is given
close your eyes and hope you miss it
i’m not ready
i’m not close, and i’m not heavy
see i’m lighter than a feather
pretty girls and pretty weather, keep us all so tied together
running fast, oh you’re trapped?
let me go
you always seem to bring me back, here
do i have something to say?
do i have something to say?
oh, it’s pointless
won’t you take it?
i get so nervous
cause i can’t take it
any notions, “you won’t make it
cause you’re slow, kid
caught in love and left behind”
caught in l-st i can’t decide
oh, the roses, for my lady
all so cold
let me keep my s-x, hate the sky, and hate what’s next
keep it funky, keep it fresh
rock the boat and cause some stress
for any emotions
all i need, your devotion
cause you’re too slow kid
i’ll make it move fast, fly into the sun with my wings
let me burn, let me burn
i can hear and i can see…
for the first time

[verse 3]
sink deep, falling over
can’t drown, can’t see
too bad, f-ck this, f-ck me
i believe in red lips, and red teeth
oh, i wanna
make you scream
oh, as cl-ssic as they seem
rip your shirt from the seam
make a praise
dear lord, i see
and any witch doctor knows, that you can get inside my head
find all the things that i’m obsessed
because i wish i was the best, [?]
can you save me?
cause i can’t
and i’m the god, i’m the man
make a joke, make me laugh
make me love you, it’s my path
i won’t smile, i won’t dance
take a look, it won’t last
can you see me? when you believe me