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lirik lagu 2 of america’s finest – renegade


droppin’ stacks on the tracks so i hope i get the props and dap
shout out to k-jack in flagstaff. came to slay tracks
i know that when i die they gon’ fly flags half staff
y’all gon’ see me ’round here like a subaru hatchback
i’ll make it happen through thorough thought though
bars fort knox gold. i thank the boom box bros
and when i blow up gotta say what up to rob $tone
when i hit daygo on my tours l.t. flip the mic into the crowd
then maybe it’s yours. when i write a tight bar
i get geeked like blue dream and lean
makin’ english my plaything my fav thing
do right and k!ll everything any day
you can scope g*nius! got the scope on my goals
red dot on its nose, then its dome leakin’ cerebrospinal fluid
i’m makin’ nice music drinkin’ hard liquor!
clearly goin’ hard as everclear
might barf up dinner and some beers, dog my bars sicker
got bars like conviction. stay far from timid
me and max always take it to the maximum
put our city on the map? a f-ckin’ given
show some love and listen
we’ll have ’em fiendin’ like drug addiction
cookin’ up dope from the kitchen. aye! sd, runnin’ that. compet-tion gettin’ lapped. sit in back of the pack
pole position on the track. chit and chat. b-tches mad
they in last. couldn’t last. run it back. sippin’ jack
b-tches sittin’ on my lap
lovin’ that then i’m hittin’ b-tches from the back
kickin’ back. split the track like a summer twist swisher wrap
fillin’ that with the gr-ss then p-ss that sh-t to man. hit it max

everybody wanna be pac these days
thinkin’ they pac these days
thinkin’ they better than pac these days
pac this, pac that. got press in the game