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lirik lagu hate song – renfield


when i hear you n*z* scum playing rock’n’roll
it makes me sick, really takes my breath, it hits me in the face
rock’n’roll stands for anarchy and freedom of your mind
and you’re calling for tyranny, suffering and death

you hypocritical nationalists, however you are called
you’re fighting for strong arms to rule the people of this world
waiting injustice, suppression and hate, wanting it so badly
i wanna kick you in the face, fighting fire with fire

i’ve never been aggressive
but now i’m bursting with hate
your feath is my salvation
your pleading for mercy’s much too late
don’t pray for the suffering
if you are thеir pain
don’t cry for the innocent
when you arе to blame
you’re not just some unknowing youths neglected by society
foolishness and ignorance breed fascism and intolerance
social disaster, bad luck didn’t make you blind and dumb and deaf
you’re dying for your führer’s greed and his fake ideals

old men wearing grey and fake smiles upon their faces
looking the same when they put folded flags upon their caskets
sending the others’ sons to war with other religions and races
if i had you at my mercy, it’d be a pleadure to k!ll