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lirik lagu 16 – renofficial


man taking about life or talking bout chips
man i been rapping since a youngin’ bout the time i was six
cause i be
laying low but i be climbing up heights
i’m just a kid from nyc that wanna shine in the light
i’ve been working on my craft i’m boutta bust out a rhyme
to all the people that be watching man you know it’s my time
yeah big ups my brother hiro
you know he da man
and shoutout my people vibing in the streets of j*pan
yeah my life is like a puzzle looking out for the piece
connect it up to see the bigger picture never surcease
i been searching for my purpose why the god gave me life
but i won’t take this sh*t for granted man this journey’s no rife
imma send this message out for all the people that listen
tell em kids in tokyo be k!llling bars and then spitting
climbing up the heights of mountains i be looking below
i been hustling for days man i ain’t taking it slow
everyday ya
i do this everyday now
i be on this journey tryna figure out the way now
looking at my people how they taught me all the basics rip to nipsey run the marathon up with my asics
please don’t throw your love away a galvanizing message
my homie shunji took me in his wing see that’s a blessing
heart from nyc but got my fam up in j*pan
rep the east for all my people now you see my master plan
my life i’m on it
for my dream i’m on it
finna dedicate my life until myself can look upon it
cause i
got my friends and family that got my back up with this legacy i’m finna try to write up in the books
first off
f*ck the haters they ain’t telling me sh*t
yes i be staying in my lane and i be making it lit
i got my city by my side i got my bro’s by my back
i’m focused on this legacy that i be keeping on track
ya heard
big dreams imma be a superstar
master all them elements like i’m the avatar
fight my way up to the top you see my battle scars
hopping in a rocket i be on my way to mars
you know i’m up to something
shed my wings i’m finna fly you know what i’m becoming
eyes up on the prize you know i keep it hostile
this my lifestyle