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lirik lagu possible – renowned


farther ignition in god, acknowledging obviousness
with all its forgiven sins and apology, honest
the far and longer men who live and prosper as risen
what brought an obstacle is sending falseness in this
apart, the father, nada, it’s impossible since
for our walk is in him, atop and the tallest in far unknowns
wrote the vocals soft, who’ll reach ’em in dodgin’ holes
dominant octave of god, he’s drawing with audio
yeshua, the freedom in spiritual bliss and joy
his voice in me, he’ll emit with an ear to sense it
a boy who went in near his glimpse of his inner voice
employ a victim of sеntences in his noise
oh, god
prеsent me with a tiny amount of needs
a mini bit is right with it found to be
found season around ’em, many whose seed is accounting
with the amount we receive in being his people about these
listen, accompany fellows, help with the people
be what felt in the business of he, his steeple to dwell
and see what tells in a key kid of keeping this, it as well
its single seen thick with god, keen with ’em, dwelt
footslogs in men of many, any can fall
all of faults, significant if when we sense it as nah
in dominance off it as sickness
god, who mends ’em men
as he’ll varnish and call ’em into a part with common decisions
religion is the bottom whereas god is the top
diminishin’ the spittin’ box always adopted
finish it in him, his soft talk in his moniker
his rhythm emittin’ sense in a calming accomplishment