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lirik lagu 157 riverside avenue [arch allies] – reo speedwagon


[verse 1]
we flew into town on sunday, had to find a place by monday
tried bridgeport and westport, i found a place that we thought would do
157 riverside avenue

[verse 2]
saugatuck river’s flowin’, mother nature’s colors were showin’
so cold, so rainy, we couldn’t help feelin’ blue
not enough time, too many things to do
(get on, baby!)

[verse 3]
we met a young girl on main street, wanted just to pass her by
she was homely but so lonely, she said, “can i make love to you?”
we shouted, “157 riverside avenue”

[verse 4]
it’s over, miss lena, we’re leaving. such a pleasant stay, i must say
so nice, so easy, we hate to say goodbye to you
at 157 riverside avenue, yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
whoo, come on, babe
that’s right, aw yeah
move over, honey