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lirik lagu 19 – rep13


crazy mother****** put covid*19 up in my lean
f**k yo bi*** then i count my green (no lettus)
lookin at nicole bun up on reddit
chillin quarantined with a pint of lean
i’m still off the beam room cloudy no steam
flow so clean but bars so mean

talking sh** let the mac blow
gave ya bi*** tip like i’m marco
i’ll pull up with the gat h**
20 gauge to ya face
extended clips longer than a shoelace
beat go harder than verbalace
naw im playing no blade but i’m still slaying

totting drakos in case a ni**** dissing now listen
my bullets ain’t missing
my diamonds glisten
why these n***** talking s***
pull up with the stick
know that sh** hit 9mm right to his mit
u know i’m bout it ni*** dont trip
leave you more purple than this lean that i sip