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lirik lagu 0300 hours – reverie


woke up & heard the news, it was 3 o’ clock
couldn’t function, couldn’t breathe, my heart stopped
today i held you, today i kissed you
told you i loved you, now i’m screaming out, “i miss you!”
i can’t believe what i’m hearing from his mama on the phone
suddenly it’s all gone. man, i’m all alone
i don’t think i’ve woken up, this must be a dream
cuz there’s a kid inside of me & he’s gon need a team
& now it’s only me. my baby ain’t near me
she’s screaming on the phone like, “jordan, can you hear me!?”
i hang it up. i’m having trouble breathing
i’m socking all my walls till my fist starts bleeding
& now i’m screaming, i’m steady thinking bout the facts
there’s nothing i can do, there’s no way he’s coming back
this ain’t no break up to make up, no ransom, bail, or price tag
all i got left is my baby in a black bag
my phone keeps ringing. why the f-ck they keep calling !?
i can’t f-cken stand and these tears keep falling
i’m looking at the ceiling. how’d i get on the floor ?
i must have p-ssed out. now it’s about 4
i don’t bother getting up cuz there ain’t nothing else to live for
crawl over to the cabinet. i’m downing all the liquor
not thinking about nothing. i just want my boo
f-ck the world, f-ck my baby, motha f-ck you !
i pick it up again, it’s roger on the line
he says he’s coming over cuz he knows i’m f-cken dying
he says i sounds drunk & he’s really f-cken worried
i’m seeing blurry. he says he’s coming in a hurry
he barges in, i’m on the floor, wasted & shaking
he shakes me, looking at me, says, “what have you taken ?”
he sees the bottles on the floor & he hits me in the lip
says, “what the f-ck you doing ? you’re having a f-cken kid!”
the phone rings again. he picks it up & then he grabs me
carries me to the car. i wanna die so badly
takes me to a house. everybody’s there gathered
i got my head down, sh-t, n0body even matters
i swear to f-cken god, time stopped that night
& i swore to f-cken god when i saw that sight
that 1 day he would be sorry even though i knew he wouldn’t be
why did you take my baby ? he’s so motha f-cken good to me

they say you never really know what you got until it’s gone
i knew & loved what i had but sh-t still went wrong
we motha f-cken loved each other. you could say we were obsessed
now he’s gone & i don’t know what to do. i’m such a mess
i’m so depressed, f-cken stressed & every night before i sleep
i say a little prayer for my baby, rest in peace

man, you’re always on my mind & you’re always in my face
i see you everywhere i go. every motha f-cken place
i gotta tell myself to stop because i get myself hoping
it’s you standing there. man, i’m having trouble coping-
i went back to the c0ke thing, i cry until i’m choking
only time i feel at peace is when i’m by myself smoking
i drink myself to sleep. this sh-t is f-cking with my mind
i’m doing therapy & pills. i think i just need time
i wish that i was blind, wish i was def & emotionless
the 1 person i love ! i can’t believe i have to go through this !
i wish that i could kiss you & f-ck you til we can’t
wish we could have a conversation. wish that i could hold your hand
but all i got left is poems & love letters
some pictures & some videos saying you “finally met her.”
the love of your life. brown eyes, 5’3”
man, a cutie with a booty, you were talking bout me
i lost our precious little baby. doctor said it was the stress
didn’t even wanna have it, man, i gotta confess
cuz when you died i turned cold & it broke my f-cken spirit
i’m writing you this song saying i love you, hope you hear it

they say you never really know what you got until it’s gone
i knew & loved what i had & sh-t still went wrong
we complimented each other, they always said that we were perfect
now he’s gone, i’m feeling like i’m motha f-cken worthless
i lost my purpose & every night before i sleep
i cry & say a little prayer, boy, i love you, rest in peace