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lirik lagu condition – revilatiun


running out a time a day
must devote, it’s kinda low
every time you find a way i’m flunking on you
whine and weeping on the tone
never cross the line and you would trust the code and hit divide
i could see now
know you stay inside, body never touched a pole
putting pressure now you mad, apologies
but baby you was riding with you just before
i lie to you, you trust me though
the guilty side is burning up but i could be a better person
up on this dreaded earth we met at first
the one that made me rip your heart like shredded shirts
ain’t told you yet i’m perfect
so when you setting churches when i hurt you
i’m tryna work and hold a better virtue
i saw that leather skirt you dread at first
i said it worked for you, now you say it’s perfect
i noticed my opinions meant a lot i check my wordings
i can’t set no burtons yet i’m nervous, for whatever reason
should a never went too deep
now i’m stuck up in your love bubble let me out
i can never trust that you won’t tie me down or stress me out
the upper hand
paragraphs up in my phone you best be out
another man is better for you
know i broke you down
water in that beded soil, start it over
when i told you that you posing, staring back
but what you want from me?
i’m just more to kicking back and making hits and focusing on mostly me
the darker character
where the rope?, release the core
brake it off in peace and balance it
talk and peeking hearts repeat
bl**dy savage why would i
walk with in my thought, if it don’t reply to me for real
long as we apart we’d be more than happy you and me
found a deeper part for me
down a deeper hall
we’d be more than happy you and me
long as we apart and i don’t reply to you for real (shift)

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