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lirik lagu fire and ice – revis


“fire and ice”

fire and ice
outside my door.
there’s a women near by
and someone she sings for.
and the news at the stand
speaks her last song.

blue sky, black nights
come and go.
someone turn on the lights
for the evening show.
people’s shuffling feat
won’t compete with time.

words in the air
through my window pane.
hear the trains won’t run
at the station today.
while p-ssengers shout
saying they won’t pay.

there’s a bird looking down
from a cold steal wire.
on a baby that cries
like a restless fire.
and it echoes the sun
running through my street.

and everyone that i meet.
and everyone that you meet.
through everything that you see.
turning endless we find
love exposed in the night,
through the fire and ice.

now i need you here
with the fire bright.
like the night that i found you
dancing in the light
to close an endless divide
from your heart and mine.

will you pretend
to remember me.
in the hour alone
so lucky and free.
as there’s nothing
left in the world to see.