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lirik lagu 1 wrong move – ​rewindraps


[intro]: rewindraps

yeah i got this sh*t, one take

use a blade n*gga, f*ck
yeah, yeah

[verse 1]: rewindraps

use a blade, cut the victim
said i might be depressed, and i feel the symptoms
f*ck the money man, i think i need some wisdom
tell me what they hiding from me, what i’m hid from, yeah

i think it’s the shroom, i thought that i quit, i had to resume, yeah
i needed the blue, the money came in, i got it at noon, yeah
i needed her too, the p*ssy was pink, beat it till it’s blue, yeah
get sweeper like a broom, we chilling wit goon, we don’t know who you, yeah

[verse 2]:
money counter, run it till they jam up
life a big ass puzzle, im just tryna find the answer
drugs i’m off be so potent, i can’t even stand up
got our own spot, got the speakers blasting, neighbors hate us

i know they fans though, i know they hatin on the low, yeah
yeah you know i’m only focused on my dough
i got my blade on me, yeah ya wanna get cut up?
i gotta stay humble, while i’m counting this bread up

[verse 3]:

rewind, stomp em out in the prada’s
sl!ck k, mini draco, it’s a chopper
silenced, bussin through the night, blade and the cracks start

goon, double back, had to light a n*gga block up
slide in that, all black then we mob em
all can’t stress, we can handle any problem


flaw team, i know we got us
deepslit, for the gang i’m riding
one wrong move, double back, we gone slide up
double back, we gone slide up
one wrong move, double back, we gone slide up


double back we gone slide up
double back we gone slide up