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lirik lagu 052000 – “rhymemaster” charlie g


[verse 1]
man i swear
i was in the crosshairs of h-ll
like there ain’t no option to fail
prevail or set sail
only 1-4 on the 5-0-3
blasting 2pac screaming “only god can judge me”
looking at myself like
what if that was me
instead of f.l.y til i die
or if i
never attempted suicide
maybe hanging with crips that ride wasn’t mindset
sh-t, all i had was my set
place bets, who would make jail first
where ghetto, a curse to earth
sucks all your worth
it hurts to see birds from birth never leave the nest
at best
pull this trigger before you pull six figures
my first track would be street dreams for cream and house parties
alongside court cases against my blood
it all lined up and it paid out
and it went like this cause i wait out:

rhymemaster charlie g (charlie g, charlie g)
rhymemaster charlie g
052000, i’m bringing it back (052000, i’m bringing it back)
do this do that
do this do that
do this do that
052000 in this business of rap (in this business of rap)

[verse 2]
8th-grade year with the snappin’ hat
i wasn’t even near rappin’ up to bat
i made trouble
felt it p-ssing back
like d-mn, where am i at?
the flip side
skating on the kickflip glide
it’s alright
just released summertime on the scene, (20-15)
living, and running a dream
still scheme tho
with the wrong team yo
it was july
things suddenly switched
ego the same, but the gangs i dipped
switch lanes, rap game for change
i got tired of bullet exchange and funeral arrange
i just can’t escape
god put fate on my plate
sippin’ tanqueray, and think real deep
late nights on my own became common
i still got scars from slow cars driving by
upon then, the motto is staying high
and 3 notebooks full of rhymes and they clean like soap and lines
wild as c-ke
this sh-t right here was no joke
i could’ve clogged the toilet
on my boiling point
and at the same time
at my lowest coin
so broke inside made homeless people look rich
became so conflicted
lost in my decisions
looking at my life like i missed it
shoved my best friend out the distance
is this the way i fall after all
brought pain unto innocent names
smoking on jane –
no way i’d be so low but come this high
i’m deprived of life
i gotta make things right
so i turned my wrongs into songs
and it got me going along

go back, (go back, go back)
052000, i’m bringing it back
music, music, blastin’ (music, music, blastin’)
052000, in this business of rap

[verse 3]
got tricks up my sleeve you wouldn’t believe
like d-mn, narrowed 8 from 62
create a mix or two was proof
my first moment of truth sound 1
relative success
f-ck what’s next
a spring and summer of heartbreak
17 man, wasn’t clean man
wanted to give up everything
i choked worse with my heart broke
sound 2
21 tracks of what the f-ck you do
i waited out the year
dropped 5 mixtapes of mistakes
what a cruel summer, and after sound
the fall was pain
remained low until winter formal
of ’18
made things, go back
man that sh-t slaps
followed up with contrast
the spring i bounce back
summer promised new beginnings
and told to wait til’ december then december came
i brought a name, this is “chad, alfa chad”
dropped the best tape that i ever had
and now i’m back
rhymemaster charlie g
the fresh arrival from the 5-0-3

but right now? (but right now?)
signing out (signing out)

2-0-1-9 (2-0-1-9)

052000 (052000)