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lirik lagu 365 – rican havoc


[verse 1]
i kick a flow to kick the demons off my shoulder
feel my soul is getting younger, but my dreams are looking older
teddy told me it’s a cold, cold, world, i think it’s rather polar
i burn the dro to melt away the glacier on my motor
lacking motivation, it’s easy to get complacent
i get a couple plays, i hit the bench cause i’m impatient
a patient to the music, think i’m needing a prescription
dropping hunnids on this bullsh*t, cause i’m addicted
to the rush, i’m seeking the validation, evading
all the bluffs, afraid it’s an aberration, i’m waiting to combust
it’s been 3 years in this pressure cooker, i’m checking the recipes, my dedication enough
but other than that, i’m coming short
seeking a tablespoon of melody, a sprinkle of the jealousy
i try to get the people in my court
but the product i be dishing don’t elicit they support
and i think it’s h*lla funny how a song that i never wanted to drop
connected with the people, put me on the f*ckin steeple
it’s the sh*t i’m never feeling that they thinking is hot
i’m selling my thoughts, i feel i’m complaining for the retrieval
of the former me
when the sh*t was h*lla innocent and more for me
i’m scoring more but on my derrick rose i tore my knee
this rapping sh*t is forgery, they cappin’ til they sign a deal
i’m laughing at the sorcery, they mackin’ but can’t find a meal
an independent soul depending on attention
i’m weaving through the crowd, it’s h*lla loud, my hand extended
i love and hate the music cause it’s keeping my head clear
but when the homies get out, i just tell em “i’ll stay here”
i’m too afraid of interaction
i put my people under my dreams and passion
and when they react, i end up getting h*lla passive
some words i’d redact
i love you all, you don’t deserve how i act

[verse 2]
i’m wishing on a star
pray to god it’s comin sooner or later, cause lately i been losing favor, thinking
i’m going too far
i’m isolated, barely holding on to my baby
i’m faded to evade
all the tension in my heart
all the panic is preventing me to start
i’m forming habits that’ll be the end of me
i’m my own biggest enemy
i tend to get offended when them mothaf*ckas send for me
i’m aware even if it never hits my ear
i heard it through the grape vine, marvin interfered
you be starving from the fear, i admit that i be hungry too
but talking all that sh*t never gon’ get people to f*ck with you
i love and hate the city
i mean it’s better than tally, but what the f*ck does that prove
cause if you ain’t on they tally, they gonna try to make you lose
when there’s room for us to win, why the f*ck you gotta choose?
but it’s f*ck all the rules

[verse 3]
i got a path for myself, hoping it lead me to truth
hoping it lead me to health
hoping the hope that i have, hopefully comes out the stealth
and it can lead me to wealth
but f*ck the money, and the pain that it dealt
abuelita ain’t got a roof, she living in h*ll
but here i am in the booth, my blessings speak for themself
i’m h*lla grateful for my family, the love that they sh*ll
i just hate i got a brita while they stuck in the well

[verse 4]
i’m in my future but i’m thinking retrospective
campaigning for a suitor, but afraid of my election
my biggest f*ckin’ fear is an unexpected text
that pose a threat to the happiness of those that i respect
but i done got a few of em in the past year
an older brother figure passed away, i was phased
then a couple weeks later
i was chillin in la, on my cousins wedding day, seen my father in a stretcher, laid
then stunning blew up, i was good for two months
but abuelo in the er cause the doctors gave him too much
drugs and medication, he been stubborn and impatient
i’m praying for abuela cause all he ever seem to do is fuss
the lord, even though i wanna stop
i dropped another project but that sh*t a f*ckin flop
i do the music to protect me from another shock
but two months later, my bro getting shot