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lirik lagu 100 favors – rich gang


[bridge: detail]

you talk sh-t about it, but you always do
100 all that, i know i got your lady
you say don’t worry bout it,
100 all night

[hook: detail]

and i’m sitting here sippin on the last bit of vodka
the only thing i see is your face
you’re favorite, and you keep it 100
so there you go 100 favors, shout out
swear i be sitting here thinking bout the sh-t that we’ve been through
and all i know is girl i’ll owe 100, 100, 100 favors
i owe you 100 favors, 100, 100, 100 favors

[verse 1: detail]

n-gg-s all talk, it will never change
keep on choosin do your thang
all them favors, i call her like a driver
drowning in that p-ssy, and i’m a soul survivor
vodka, hunned favors, gt water melon
she always do me favors, and i don’t never tell her
peachie yellow mango, i love to drink juice
owe her 100 favors, i call her my 100 proof
man i heard about an angel


[verse 2: birdman]

prices with the life, rollin on them dice
spent a mill on a flight
flew back and she bounce back
high speed, all go
lord of the ring, we live that life big time
big time, 100 times i gave my b-tch the sunshine
harley davis, harley davis,
when i came i gave my b-tch 100 favors
and then we ball at the mall
did it all stand tall where we left off
100 favors, you know the label
lay back in the maybach, you can’t fade us