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lirik lagu blind hatin – rich kidz


blind hatin
(feat. wee wee)

2500 skate board man these n-gg-s can’t see me they blind hating
that’s why my f-cking blackberry keeps on vibrating
i am on lean yeah but my mind racing
you keep on violating you go get a citation
ymm rocked out yeah we call it heavy metal
in something you can’t pr-nounce with a hair pin petal
got goons waiting on chances
waiting to show they b-tt off
thinking i’m a lick it you go get ya tongue cut off

[chorus: rk kaelub]

n-gg-s talking beef? such life gambling
choppas make them mighty -ss n-gg-s start scrambling
that’s why i’m sticking to the basics
look at me now my bank account look like the matrix
yeah and you don’t want no trouble i give em 4 5 6 like cl numbers
hey on my block you be here today and gone today
posted up on cetar that’s where me and t.i used to stay
went to the dentist last week she said watch what i eat
i only talk cash keep my conversation brief
and if it ain’t about them benji’s then ion speak
aye ya’ll n-gg-s 7 days, soo weak!


[skool boy:]
i’m a skooly boy but i got them goons to put them guns on ya
play with my money they’ll check ya like them ones homie
keep talking crazy ymm gone go a wall
2500 n-gg-s screaming rip 8 ball
ya’ll get fly i’m a flya (booke)
ya’ll get high but i’m higher (roof)
throw money on every n-gg- you around (swoosh)
and if you at the top you coming down (coupe)
yea and i’m bout my money bout my cash
and i’m on them drums i’m in that van
i slip thru just like sand yeaaaa
and i’m on them heels just like a sock
and i’m bout that cash i’m on that clock
shouts out to barak

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