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tonkerz - richa$id lyrics


poppin a pill im feelin uneven
i feel invincible feel like i’m steven
they copy my fits these n*ggas be thieving
i can’t be mad cuz they still repeating
they all in my sp*ce they must be policemen
they falling off but i’m just starting my legacy
just f*cked a hoe of some muf*ckin ecstacy
just blocked that hoe to keep her from texting me
that girl tryna cuff but n0body arresting me
blew smoke in her face when her hands were carеssing me
this that rated x sh*t
the girl i f*ckеd is anorexic
her new man a weirdo
crazy how you went from me to a zero
no i can’t be your hero
ice in my veins i feel like i’m dlo
can’t stop these n*ggas from talking the way that they talk they prolly need to catch they breath
she slid up on my ig yeah i think that she like me but you know that i had to swipe left
this fan like my tones they calling my phone when i drop sh*t they are deft
sock a n*gga like ron artest
they stealing my fits well n*gga thats theft
bought chrome hearts off a finesse
i write my own sh*t like a test
shout out luxe they know me best

yeah alright alright
ghxst in the back with richa$id and brokeacid alright
we cruising we cruising we cruising
stylerz for life
tonkerz for life
and i pull up and it feels
u couldn’t tell me what to do if you wanted to
woah woah woah woah
one take is all it takes
this my first take and my last
everyday pull up
pull up to class
woah woah woah woah
is that richacid on that beat
i say yea yea yea yea yea yea yea
who tf is u
got better things to do
that’s some heavy stunts
king tonka king tonka
he ain’t no king tonka
he a big bonka
fell like ben bonka
baby junior in the back
hundred k in the fakk
woa woa woa
alright alright krusfyy
krusfyy liking my notes
i feel like some poets
i feel like some quotes
alright alright

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