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lirik lagu let my soul rest – richard ashcroft


“let my soul rest”

are you with me? are you here?
‘cause i can’t see — i heard the word
i heard a whisper (i want you to hear) in the trees
i heard a problem in the breeze
lord have mercy – let me be, yeah yeah

let my soul rest in peace
oh i have had too much pain, had too much pain
oh-oh-oh – i wanna fly again, i wanna fly again
so take me up through the sh-t
and the hurt – let me find rarer air
where i cope, where i fit
where there’s hope to forgive
where this dark comes to light – oh-oh-oh
let my soul fly
please stay a while – babe, please stay a while
oh, (sh-la-la-la) let my soul rest in peace (sh-la-la-la)
let me fly with the company that i need
that i want – you make me breathe
i miss you so much – it’s killing me
do they know where i’ve been?
about the hurt, and the blood and the loss and the love
lord forgive me – here i come