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lirik lagu 4am – richard buckner


it? s a bruised and a fallen sky
pressed all up against us
and it? s just as true, so far away
but i can be there by breakfast

i just drive on through to you
so as the past goes breaking by
where are you tonight?

it? s 4 am and i? m awake again
and not quite high enough
i? ll be back, you know when
should i lie a little and dream away

i? m just lying here anyway
with a chill a little heat
could kill on sight
but where are you tonight?

wasted and well spent
taken and once wrecked
oh, you? re better than this and that
i thought i was cured of any last chance

unfastened and floored
now all i want is
just a little
nothing more

i looked inside, the ring we wear
and i read myself to sleep
i caught myself, so captured there
deep inside those cavern eyes

oh my one, my one
you? ve broken me
at the vow, below the vine
but where are you tonight?

where are you tonight?
where are you tonight?