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not you pt. 2 - richboypopin lyrics


[intro: richboypopin]
don’t hate on me, n*gga, i am hater*proof
n*gga, i am hater*proof
sippin’ casamigos and codeine in the stu’
yeah, and codeine in the stu’
got a glock with a beam, it’s aimin’ at you
it’s aimin’ at you
i done said this sh*t before, n*gga, i’m not you
i’m not you

[verse 1: richboypopin & 5mal9]
playin’ tag, round yo’ block, n*gga, i got you
playin’ hide and seek round yo’ block, n*gga, i spot you

n*ggas claimin’ that they hood, not true
n*ggas claimin’ that they stood, n*gga, that’s not true
n*ggas wanna be hood so bad, that’s not cute
f*cked around and made a part, to say that it’s not you
i’m like woah, gotta say that it’s not you
hunnid bands in my f*ckin’ pocket, call me hatsu
b*tch, you know we on, spinnin’ blocks too
got they momma and they f*ckin’ daddy cryin’, shot you
b*tch, you know we on, we turnt up all the way, let’s go
all my n*ggas never duckin’ smoke, we not no hoes
got a d*ck, i’ma stare with a beam out my eyes
shot you three, four times, hold on, ain’t tryna die
[verse 2: smokeyy kapalot]
556, know it’s aimin’ at your top
i ain’t never cared, i stay trapped like a dyk*
know i’m f*ckin’ b*tches, yeah, you know i got a type
brown skin, pretty brown eyes, and she stand at 5’5
never gave a f*ck
i stay strapped like a dyk*
know i am not you, said that sh*t twice
do i gotta say it again
got a bad b*tch and you know that she a ten
gotta do this sh*t again, take it to an extent
gotta put it on for my team, yeah, you know i represent
yeah, you know i represent
bout to take your life, ima hit him with this knife
yeah, we made a part, had to say this sh*t twice
yeah, this time around, we ain’t gon’ be so nice
i said nice, nice, tryna f*ck a bad b*tch, she look like ice spice
spice, spice, yeah, you smokin’ on that spice
no, i am not you, we said that sh*t twice, we gon’ say that sh*t again
never gave a f*ck, know i’m spinnin’ with my kin
if you not bl**dy drippin’, know that you can’t hang
spinning down yo’ block with a chop, it’s bout to bang
never gave a f*ck, know i keep the glock its tucked
glockiana on my hip, yeah, you know it’d f*ck you up
yeah, you know it, f*ck you up, but i’m screamin’, no diddy
i’ma f*ck up on your hoe while i play with her kitty
and i’m smokin’ young boy, yeah, he p*ssy, he kitty
we ain’t doin’ that dumbass dance, screamin’ out f*ck the griddy
[verse 3: richboypopin]
n*gga, i’m high, but i’m not the pilot
if i get too high and die, know that n*ggas’ll start a riot
yeah, real n*ggas don’t stay quiet
real n*ggas shoot them triggers, real n*ggas shoot like bryant
shoot you in your eyelid for lyin’
real n*ggas don’t just type it, real n*ggas get to strikin’
yeah, real n*ggas know the assignment
real n*ggas know we stuck in a cycle like we bikin’, yeah

[verse 4: richboypopin]
(sippin’ casamigos)
i’m sippin’, casamigos
drunk in the stu’, but my vision still on vevo
strapped up mexican in the back named tino
and one named rico
got another one jakk, but he finna shoot this free*throw
five shots in a row, a n*gga playin’ bingo
glock sing in autotune, cast his ass to the glee show
glock’ll stick yo’ ass up, i’ma call it a mosquito
5mal9 and jakk, yeah, i’m chillin’ with amigos
say you ten toes down, i shoot seven, now you three toes
oh sh*t, did you need those
i had to prove that yo’ ass was not exempt
rpg in my pants, n*gga, walkin’ with a limp
you was talkin’ all that sh*t, n*gga, how you miss
i been playin’ tag with my gun, n*gga, you it
ima grab the stick, hold with grip, then empty the clip
yes, i love to drop 4’s, i plead the fifth
yes, i love to drop wh0res with the boot they kicked
yes, i love to drop doors, i’m kickin’ it in
if you a ten and she a four, i’m kickin’ your friend
if you was listenin’, i don’t like repeatin’ sh*t
stop hypin’ up your friend, where the f*ck you see this sh*t
you must be seein’ sh*t, i don’t even see a six
i just see a b*tch that wanna c*ck block for some d*ck, yeah
i get some money, f*ck around and do my money dance
yo’ b*tch love to hit my line, cause i’m the money man
real talk, let me tell you something that’s funny, man
b*tches really be blockin’ they blessings, tryna be that funny friend
[verse 5: smokeyy kapalot]
tryna be that funny friend, really they the ugly friend
know that they got bodies, they be f*ckin’ on many men, yeah
yeah, they callin’ me the minute man
pull up on your block with a glock, out the sprinter van
f*ck that, really bustin’ out the f*ckin’ minivan, yeah
yeah, we bustin’ out the mom van
f*ck up on your thot b*tch, she said that she my biggest fan
know that im not you, spinnin’ down your block with a glock and a chop too
never give a f*ck, cause you know that i’m on top two, most wanted
never give a f*ck, got your b*tch, yeah, she want it
yeah, she screamin’ out my name, screamin’ out my name
screamin’, screamin’, never give a f*ck
up the glock, yeah, you know that i’m a demon
f*ck that b*tch, yeah, you know she eat the s*m*n
swallowing my kids, yeah, she swallowing my kids
know i’m bussin’ on her brain
never give a f*ck, got the glock, it’s bout to bang
know it’s bout to bang
if you not bl**dy drippin’, know that you can’t hang
unless your name is melvin
what’s that stank ass smell that i’m smellin’
that’s your b*tch’s p*ssy
walkin’ down your block, yeah, you know you been p*ssy
i don’t give a f*ck, cause you know that’s how i trap
walkin’ down your block, yeah, you know i’m bout to spaz
yo, what the f*ck
that sh*t hot trash, low key

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