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finals - rick ross lyrics


(feat. meek mill & gunplay)

{m-m-m-m-maybach music}

[rick ross]
we them n-gg-z at the park, we just wanna ball
sellin dope to get a car and don’t know what it’s called
n-gg-z foul but the referees don’t get involved
it’s the finals and my dogs came to take it all
with the her-ron, n-gg- i’m lebron
quarter milli for my car and that’s on the koran
you runnin wit’ me n-gg- or you better run
two times for you p-ss-es ’cause you know who number one {m-m-m-m-maybach music}
b-tches all on my d-ck, is it all on my cars?
they say my audemar sick, just bought a healthy chopard
this a ten million flip, so n-gg- f-ck what’chu talk
hundred million off the rip, the definition of boss
she can tell how i’m ballin, that i’m just gettin started (uh!)
yeah, i took an advance, put twenty keys in the projects (uh!)
had to school my lieutenant, how to make my deposit
n-gg-z die everytime the chopper come out the closet
and i pride myself, i’m gettin money in the streets (whoo!)
i ride myself, i’m the one you gotta see
i bring it straight to your do’, do you like it manolo?
when you flashin that money, them people flashin ya photo
know i’m f-ckin these broads, ’cause i’m flashy as f-ck
five live-in maids, my crib nasty as f-ck
f-five live-in maids, my crib nasty as f-ck
f-f-five live-in maids, my crib nasty as f-ck

uh! my money on another level
uh! my money on another level
uh! she f-ckin ordinary n-gg-z {m-m-m-m-maybach music}
whoo! yo’ b-tch be f-ckin ordinary n-gg-z!!

[meek mill]
hatin with dem b-tches, that’s a flagrant foul
i’m posted with that china white, the smokers say it’s yao
a n-gg- play, i want his head, i’m talkin eighty thou’
i tell my shooters go get ’em, they gon’ make a cow
ridin in the wheels of fortune, then i made a vow/vowel
i will never let these rapper n-gg-z take my style
my dogs karate chop them bricks, and then they take a bow
throw a banana in the ak and i make it smile
r-r-rah! blaow! blake griffin on these n-gg-z
rookie of the year, this ordinary sh-ttin on these n-gg-z
and i heard that they be hatin, i ain’t trippin on these n-gg-z
make it rain on all ’em hoes and have it drippin on these n-gg-z
yeah, l-lou’ vuitton kicks, they my ball sneaks
(whoo!) thirty pair of michael jordans’ what they cost me
(whoo!) l-lou’ vuitton kicks, t-they my ball sneaks!
(whoo!) t-thirty pair of michael jordans’ what they cost me!!


my track got umps, jumpin ’til it need a crutch
got birds flyin ’round like mr. 23 himself
you wanna eat, i got the food, n-gg- come and see the chef
we ain’t playin by the rules, put the toolie on the refs
scored a foul line n-gg-, payin high by the high now
when i get the [?], only three numbers to dial now
skunk screamin loud, tryna speak a whole sound now (uh!)
my heart so hard, the cookie need a powerdrive
(whoo!) i’m triple a: arrogant–ss att-tude
(uh!) i live down south, right down the last avenue
(whoo!) this the dead end, gotta kill to fit in (boom!)
so papi i can move it, if he can bring the sh-t in
lebron’s 501’s white tee, hood rich!
i got cheerleaders too, and er’ryone a hood b-tch
and a whip the color yayo, and that muh’f-cker foreign
whi-whi-whip the color yayo, and that muh’f-cker foreign

[chorus 2x]

[outro: ross]
we gon’ call this “the finals”
’cause i can have yo’ -ss finalized
uh! we 25 million up n-gg-, double m-g untouchable
f-ck boy, f-ck boy
f-ck boy, still a f-ck boy
we gettin money n-gg-, we gettin money n-gg-
i see you runnin n-gg-, i see you runnin n-gg-
they don’t want it n-gg-! they don’t want it n-gg-!
they don’t want it n-gg-! they don’t want it n-gg-!
we 100 n-gg-, we 100 n-gg- {m-m-m-m-maybach music}
100 million… uh!

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