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lirik lagu 44 bars – ricky conaway


“your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging. at the tone, please record your message. when you have finished recording, you may hang up, or press 1 for more options.”

it’s been awhile since we really got to sit and talk
i’m tryna know how you been living dawg
cause i was thinking back to when we would used to kick it all alone
it was just me, you, and the mission aw man
sh-t’s different huh?
see you stressing hard, seen you busy with the songs
and i know you’re tryna blow up
but listen all i’m saying is it isn’t hard for you to pick the phone up and give a call
but i get it, i know you more than anyone
i know you’re tryna be the greatest when it’s said and done
but i don’t wanna see you lose the t-tle friend to some
that’s the sh-t that i refuse to ever let become apart of you
you know we all concerned
we know you’re hard at work, hopefully the thought occurs
of way back before, all of this had started first
when you’re at cloud nine, you’re gonna have to fall to earth
but how you land, determines if you’re a man
it don’t really matter the surface in which you stand
keep that sh-t in mind when you’re lying in ya bed
and no one wants to listen to the sh-t inside ya head
so you grab that f-ckin pen
old friend, we know what it does
cause they were for you when nearly n-body was
so i get if you ain’t picking up the phone when it buzz
but i don’t want your memory of me to float into dust
don’t you remember?
we were in the lunchroom spittin’
now i’m tryna figure out just where the f-ck you’ve hidden
you gotta face it that maybe this sh-t just ain’t workin’
i know you like to pretend we’re not the same person
but you been killin it, and it’s oddly fitting
cause you’re left with no one else, i know it’s kinda sh-tty
and i know how much you feel like you been dying quickly
but try to remember ryan, ricky..
hit me when you can..
hey, i just listened to your message
you really sound like you been stressing
but maybe you just made the wrong impression
and i don’t want this sh-t to get depressing
let’s focus on the present
“see i don’t really think you even get it..”
well, thats why i’m here
i don’t know wanna leave you guessing
i know the way you tend to interrupt a sentence
so please, don’t get defensive
lemme get to addressin’ what you pressin’
you sound like you got somethin to prove
but i’m jus busy workin up in the stu
and usually people hate cause they got nothin’ to do
so it’s just a little weird to hear it comin’ from you
but since you really wanna air it out
i been worried you won’t find someone to care about
see i ain’t got sh-t and all i ever get is rap
you got a life outside of it all, i don’t really think that you remember that
this sh-t ain’t turn out how we thought it would
an old friend went from childhood to fatherhood
when i was down, you were nowhere to be found
but when the party good
you tryna hit me up like all is good
and it’s insulting that you think you can jus bank on me
when this whole entire time i’ve had my tank on e
probably thinkin’ sh-t’s cool, you’ll jus wait on me
you quit school and put the weight on me
so i don’t really understand
you’re tellin me how to be a man?
and it don’t really matter the surface in which i stand?
but i’m who put the work in from the jump
wasn’t perfect but i stuck
you’re envying the person i’ve become
you always say you aren’t fake son
but this is how your treat your only day one?
sounds to me like you jus wit it til the pay come
you’re lucky i made a call
i almost didn’t make one, you ain’t f-ckin special
i should be calmer instead
quit letting’ people in that weren’t part of the plan
cause i don’t really wanna have to go and start it again
i got your entire future in the palm of my hand
see there’s a reason why these women always quit replyin’
and you’re left alone wit me to only sit in silence
do your own thing, and lemme be the king of rhymin’
remember you aren’t ricky, ryan…