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lirik lagu 5pm in toms river – ricky conaway


i’m not ready to go yet, know imma blow next
take a look around, and i ain’t seein no threats
makin these old vets, break into cold sweats, the one inside your head’s the one that always’ll know best
only after checks, so yes, always chasing nike
don’t want the future to be dark so i don’t take it lightly
’member way back, the days in a basic white tee
‘fore everyone around us was a fakin hype beast
i took a leap to get high, now people need to say “hi,”
when they see you can fly, they want a piece of the pie
when you give a little space, ohhhhh now, they want a reason to why
you don’t wanna throw the peace in the sky
is it a blessing or not? i can’t even decide
gotta take one of yours, so we can even the side
i’m a beat k!ller, know to be a beast when it’s time
i could eat you alive, or i could leave you to die, yeah
so pick your poison
listen boys, your dissin voices are disappointments
all that shit is pointless
y’all must loooove makin some risky choices
nothin but talkin like busy city noises
i know some people that’ll sell their souls
just to get the latest j’s, and then sell their soles
you can tell them hoes, take this fuckin’ l and pose
i went to hell and froze, still i’m doin’ well wit flows
bring your all, but it’s never enough
there ain’t nobody here that’s better than us
look at every single one that’s ever talked, see i left ‘em in dust
that’s what happens when it’s said and it’s done
you won’t ever be the king if you ain’t goin’ through me
i was gone for a minute but the throne is my seat
i’m a dog, ain’t afraid to use ya bone as a treat
so homie don’t act petite, or it’s bon appetite, yeah..

i spend everyday lookin for truth
and tryna tell myself, this game isn’t for you
often i fall asleep to the rain hittin the roof
i’m lazy, and use this paaain as an excuse
for why i’m always unproductive
and barely make time for everyone i fuck wit
can’t look in the mirror because i’m runnin’ from it
i wish i could be myself, and dump the tough shit
but these days bein you isn’t enough to cut it
so all these fuckin nerds are sayin that the gun is bussin’
i wanna marry the game, but i don’t trust it one bit
cause half of these rappers just wanna bust a nut quick
but that’s another subject..

late night, at the diner plottin
always silent watching
never findin what disguise that i’m in
flow is nice, i could k!ll em with the kindness i give
body anyone that’s tryna stop it
i got a problem if you’ll spend your last dime to get a shiny diamond
i won’t knock ya if youre tryna buy it
but understand that you don’t ever have to front or even lie to rhyme it
cause no one in the game who’s really on is honest
i’m the greatest you can set it in stone
every rapper from the river’s just a pebble to throw
we ain’t even gettin close to the end of the show
cause i ain’t really ready to go, i ain’t ready to go..

(cm punk)
“do i have everybody’s attention now?”

and for your own safety
the muthafuckin king is back
the muthafuckin king is back, yeah..