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lirik lagu prada program – riff raff


hey, my eyes are up here [?]

you better get with the prada program
d*mn, i just spent 40 grand on my door jamb
prada proof and titanium
i just put a restraining order on my milkfish
paws get to itchin’
the 488 came with a swordfish, came with a broomstick
tie my hands two times when the doors lift
came with a bad b*tch, lilac lipstick
boysenberry diamonds look like pop*tarts
i’m a wear my shades at night like jimmy hart
i feel like arnold palmer when i’m driving golf carts
yeah, benjamin franklin
i’m a throw diamonds on my ap anklet
old hundred faces with the smell of briefcases from the 80’s
laced with thе purest peruvian pixie dust
caramеl caravan parked adjacent to the platinum pink tour bus
aquaberry algebra ain’t adding up
as they adjust to what was previously discussed
as the world turns from love to l*st, after dust
gold tooth [?] look like king tut
if you smoke cigarettes, you get ejected out my corvette
i bought a basketball arena and it came with some porcelain [?] nets
never been married, never seen a corset
i’m a swing the trx like an elephant trunk
i’m naturally upset if i make under 80 in a month
oh, it’s that time of the month?
[?] kicked it in the c*nt
throwing 10 racks, told her to go buy me some runtz
she came back with some candy, a pack of backwoods and some plan b
haters can’t stand me, should’ve won a grammy
i’m a take the top off the [?] in miami