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lirik lagu cicada – rj athletic


[chorus: rj athletic]
yeah, cicada, cicada
i’ll see ya later
cicada, cicada
you just a hater, a hater
woah, cicada
i’m way up, i’m way up

[verse 1: rj athletic]
patience is a virtue that never goes to waste
when you put me in the grave, have kid cudi sing (away, oh)
we are wide awake (oh)
we see thru the fake (oh)
lying, throwing shade (oh)
let me fly away like a cicada

[verse 2: richer than average]
i’m way up, i’m in the clouds
but you won’t, see me flying round (woah)
b*tch, i’m up, flying like a bug (a bug, a bug)
b*tch, i’m up, cicada three three oh one

[pre*chorus: rj athletic]
seventeen years, seventeen years old (ah)
seventeen years, now i wonder what i’m here for (ah)
seventeen years, hmmm
seventeen years old, tell me what i’m here for
[chorus: rj athletic]
seventeen years, seventeen years
cicada, cicada (woah)
seventeen years, seventeen years old
cicada, cicada
you just a hater, a hater
woah, cicada
[?] (tell me what we here for)

[bridge: rj athletic]
patience is a virtue (patience, patience)
patience is a virtue (i’ll go my own way, [?])
patience is a patience (patience, patience)

[verse 3: richer than average]
no way, no way
i’m way up (up, up)
dissipating in these clouds (woah)
used to get lost in this town (woah), but now i know my way around
imma pull up, bring the thunder
casually spending a few hunnids
ice just broke my wrist
that’s why they call me rich (yeah)

[verse 4: rj athletic}
i’ve been dreaming, i’m just dreaming
i’m just dreaming of you all day (on my own)
i’ve been bleeding, can’t conceal it (i’m on my own)
saw the truth down this old hallway
i’ve been feeling, i’ve been kneeling
colors of leaves, they change with season
i’m kind of sad, got a few reasons
give me something to believe in
i’ve been dreaming, i’ll keep dreaming
i’ve been tryna fight the demons
i can’t go to sleep man, my nightmares are right there
goodnight dear