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lirik lagu similac – roadrunner glockboyz tez


(ooh, sav k!lled it)

[verse 1: roadrunner glockboyz tez]
he got hit with that [?] and the fire
knocked him off the earth, he pop percs, glock got him higher
blow him down like the wind, left him rollin’ like a tire
his body parts burnt up, that came from the fire
thought it was a chop, this ain’t sh*t but a four*five
all the opps gettin’ on my nerves, i ain’t gon’ lie
when i seen my mexican hoes, i be like “hola”
if y’all ever see me on the news, you know why
i feel like teejaee, i’m a real n*gga, fake rapper
he said, “f*ck who?” got somebody shot a day after
saw an opp b*tch, should’ve let thе chop wave at her
i like glocks ‘causе them b*tches make my shot way better
if the hook get behind this h*llkat, i’ma dog it
i know you don’t got no pape’, that’s your dog sh*t
you the reason why he in the streets, you got your dog hit
the hook took my glock from me, i took dog sh*t

[verse 2: kookei]
boy, if you don’t want your head hit, then give me that
left his sh*t holey, somebody get his ass some fix*a*flat
now who the f*ck gon’ buy your baby mama similac?
i stuff ’em in my ‘wood ’cause i’m the one who put ’em in the pack
izzo went and got another one, he still ain’t get it back
your b*tch a demon, gave me head and that kitty cat
i respond with my glock ’cause i ain’t really with the chitty*chat
i thought he was a k!ller, how the f*ck they end up k!llin’ jack?
[?] with the glock, might f*ck around and have to hit a hat
this draco certified lover boy, it got some tits attached
fully got an attitude on it, it throw temper tantrums
i hold that chopper just like a broom and sweep out his dandruff
walk around with four pockets full, feelin’ handsome
everytime i see the hook, i hit the gas, then float past
i was chasin’ after hoes ’til i got diagnosed with asthma
before you say you want smoke, it come with cancer
the last n*gga tried to inhale, he a casper
how you tryna beef with us and you a dancer?
i don’t ever roll up [?], make my head hurt
them boys should’ve gassed his ass up, now he a d*mn shirt
before i let an opp take me out, i pop a bad perc’
i’ma roll up [?], i want his mans first
before i go and play, i gotta go and get these bands first

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