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lirik lagu midnight in samosa – robert plant


time and again
i see you walking down the street
over and over
just like before
once in a while you stop and say h-llo to me
just like you used to do before
time and again
it’s like we were in love and then
over and over
n-body keeping score
once in a while i think you notice but i smile
that love still lingers in my eyes
can’t go – can’t go wrong
it lingers on – it lingers on
day after day
i turn it over in my mind
dream after dream
it’s hard to tell you how i find
out of the blue
i’m suddenly so close to you
despite the years that i’ve been gone
will you stop, will you wait a minute
please remember
can you stop, just give me one minute to explain
i will not cause a fuss,
i will not rock the… [-boat]
believe me darlin’
oooo what is, what was
it’s all the same