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lirik lagu 1 years old – robert pollard


just all talk from memory
bad on you
‘cus i hide things from myself
on a search for truth
reading glasses on the run
and maybe i’m too young
but i have to know it
and i just can’t find
reading glasses gone away
i saw them
stepped on all them
and i am 1 years old
singularly bold
to lose everything then burrow quickly
safely from the nite light
on marathons that lead into the kitchen
and lose things as i please
telephones and keys
100 rings 100 keys
wish them gone
away from me and gone again
and if you’re my right hand man
expect you’ll be on my left
like when you slipped away
a child at play
a feather from my lips
and yet it’s only matter what they say
you hide things from me too
yeah, and maybe yeah it was you
it was you